Restore previous version of excel file mac

Right-click the file or folder, and then click Restore previous versions.

To restore a previous version, select the previous version, and then click Restore. The file or folder will replace the current version on your computer, and the replacement cannot be undone. However, you might be able to open it or save it to a different location.

Reverting to a Saved Excel

If you accidentally delete or rename a file or folder, you can restore a previous version of that file or folder, but you need to know the location where the file or folder was saved. To restore a file or folder that was deleted or renamed, follow these steps:.

Find Office 2011 AutoRecovery on Mac

Here, you'll be able to find your lost excel files. Choose them and click on Recovery. For example, Excel , has this feature which allows you to continue your Excel project from where you stopped even without the file being saved. Step 4. Find the necessary unsaved file you need under "TemporaryItems" and then restore. It does this by regularly saving a copy of the file in the background.

If you want to avoid losing your excel projects, then you should learn how to configure the Autosave feature in Excel. See the steps below.

Way 2. Run Excel in Safe Mode to Fix Excel Cannot Open the File

Program crash or Mac shutting down can cause your unsaved Excel files to get lost. When this happens, don't panic yet. You can recover these files on mac from the temporary or AutoRecover folder.

However, if you need to recover unsaved files that have been permanently from your hard drive, then you should consider opting for AnyRecover for Mac to get the job done. Data Recovery. Recovers your data without overwriting original data.