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RAW workflow software. Overview Capture One is a professional RAW converter offering you ultimate image quality with accurate colors and incredible detail from more than high-end cameras -- straight out of the box. Version Capture One Screenshots. Rate this app:. Post review. Most helpful. As much as I like this software it's worked well for me and I've used it in place of Adobe's Photoshop plug-in for raw development, I'm unable to use any release past 4.

This should be noted in the requirements but they leave this to a hard to find document in their support area. Like 5. Their decision to deprecate Media Pro after they bought it, and milked upgrades is unconscionable. Like 1. Anything this expensive if over the top particularly when there are other out in the market.

You will note that I made the same statement in and my opinion has not been swayed. Unfortunately Capture One doesn't provide tether capture for Olympus Cameras. The price of Capture One is truly unconscionable. Phase One don't appear to want the typical amateur-enthusiast photographer.

At least, C1's features and support seem very much geared toward studios and its signature live-capture mode. As a typical ex-Aperture user, I've found there are some things it does really well and others it either doesn't do well or at all. Positives I find are its speed, image quality, session-based workflow, standard tools, some of which are "plugin-worthy" or at least not in or better than Aperture and customisation.

For example, the act of simply browsing and viewing images in large catalogues requires you to learn some things. Depending on your preferences, you'll likely have to get used to using the obscure and slightly annoying key combination of Alt-Cmd-V to turn the Viewer on and off. I can get used to it but it's not intuitive. I'd also like to be able to use Cmd-1, Cmd With change tracking the app records literally every single click you make, just as just viewing different images and I can't seem to find an "edit-only" form of change tracking while it's very hard and obscure to see which edits have been applied to an image.

The software seems to record a change edit even if you've played with a slider but reset it. The software feels powerful but you have to learn very specific ways of doing things and these are usually not obvious.

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macOS – Capture One 12.0.3 para Mac

So overall I say it has very low intuitiveness, unlike Aperture with was so easy almost anyone could become a "Pro" at mastering photos. I have a feeling the PC version gets more love as well.

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The way they've implemented full-screen mode in OS X is just plain wrong. Like 2. I've used this at Sony Music. Seemed like nice software.

Capture One Download ( Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7

They didn't seem to think it was expensive. Meaningless comment. They both drive on four wheels". Most software vendors would grant new customers an upgrade if they purchased software within 60 or 90 days. As a recent customer I requested an upgrade explaining that I was just beginning my migration planning from Aperture. My request was rudely denied. The software seems to be OK, I'm still trying to figure out how to handle some deficiencies in CaptureOne compared to Aperture. There is a steep learning curve for CaptureOne, especially in how to migrate large photo libraries with extensive meta data.

The customer policies and empathy at CaptureOne are focused on short term revenue, not customer satisfaction. They don't seem to value establishing long term customer relationships.

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Would think that most would not purchase based upon initial cost. Your own way of working in Capture One Pro. Full control over the sharpening process from Capture to Output. Diffraction Correction, new creative tools for Halo Control makes sharpening. Instantly take the guess work out of resizing images. Focus your tethered camera from the computer. Those tough overhead shots have never been easier. Support for the Tangent range of professional input panels takes. The analogue solution for your digital darkroom.

Folders can now be moved, re-organized and merged in Catalogs using. Images can now be filtered by orientation to find Landscape, Portrait. You can easily configure color sensitivity, split tones, contrast, brightness, noise reduction, spot removal, clarity styles, presets, Optimize workflow and hotkeys simultaneously work in two sessions and more.

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  • Finally Capture One Pro 11 uses high amount of system resources and occasionally it has got slow response time. Got View menu which has got a very wide variety of options like Viewer, Browser View and slidshow etc.

    How To Cleanly Uninstall Capture One Pro on OS X

    Add your own text captions or time stamp your video. Change color settings and video effects before recording.

    Capture One Pro Features

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